Machine Quilting Service by Em

**My quilting service is closed and will re-open at the end of September 2020**

Quilting Service
I provide E2E or edge-to-edge or allover pattern machine quilting service on my computerised Gammill Statler Stitcher long arm quilting machine. 100% high quality cotton thread (Signature and Wonderfil) is used exclusively for the quilting.

Basting Service 
I provide basting for hand quilting for a fee of $85 (flat rate). The basting will be in rows across the quilt top. There will be a distance of approximately 4 inches or less between rows. Stitch length will be 1 inch. Overlocker thread is used for easy removal. There is NO charge for thread.

Preparation before getting your quilt top quilted
1.  NO PINNING and NO BASTING required. 
2.  Please ensure that your quilt top is square with trimmed edges. 
3. Backing fabric AND batting/wadding are trimmed to be 8 inches wider and 8 inches  longer (20cm wider and 20cm longer) than the size of your quilt top

$4  per square foot (flat rate for any E2E pattern chosen)
$5  charge for thread (flat rate)
To calculate, for example,
Quilt top WIDTH (inch) = 48
Quilt top LENGTH (inch) = 60
Number of square feet = (48 x 60)/144 = 20
(1 square foot = 144 square inches)
Total service fee = (20 x 4) + 5 = $85

Pattern and thread colour are of your choice. I have got a collection of E2E patterns for you to choose from. I will also be happy to choose a pattern and thread colour for your quilt top.

Since the recent closure of the local patchwork shop where most of my clients buy their batting/wadding, I have decided to re-stock the batting/wadding to make it more convenient for the clients. I carry 3 kinds of Maltilda's own brand:

1. 100% polyester
2. 100% cotton
3. 60%&40% wool&polyester (mixed)

The price is  $25 per 40 inches. I cut the batting/wadding to size required for the quilting. I will trim the batting/wadding free of charge.

I am equally happy for my clients to supply their own batting/wadding. Please ensure that the batting/wadding is scrimmed, and trimmed to be 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer (20cm wider and 20cm longer) than the size of your quilt top

I look forward to providing a high quality quilting service for your quilt top. I can be contacted via email:

Special Note
1. I DO NOT provide service for quilts intended for the Sydney Quilt Show.
2. I DO NOT provide service for custom quilting, stitch in the ditch, and E2E quilting for predominantly applique quilt top and quilt top with embroidery, beads and other embellishment such as trims and suffolk puff (yoyo).
3. I CHARGE additional fee of $25 for a BATIK quilt top. Batiks tend to have a dense thread count and tighter weave, and, therefore, regularly shreds the cotton thread used for quilting. Hence, extra care and additional time are required.
4. I CHARGE additional fee of $25 if the backing fabric AND/OR batting/wadding need to be trimmed to the appropriate size or adjusted for the quilting.
5. Minimum service fee is $60.
6. I reserve the right to refuse my quilting service.

Last update: 2/01/2020

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