Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 Sydney Quilt Show

Last year, I missed the entire 2015 Sydney Quilt Show as I was in Paris at the time. So, I'm very happy to be around home this month. I went to see my 'House Quilt' hung at the 2016 Sydney Quilt Show last Thursday. It was a glorious day at Darling Harbour. Quilts on display were so marvelous. I also enjoyed catching up with many quilters that I'm fond of but rarely see them, including my quilting teacher, Meg Orr. It was definitely a wonderful day for me at the Show.

Travelling to the Show by ferry.

mE and my 'House Quilt'

 Photo of the quilt top when I entered it to the Show in March 2016 on the closing date,
2 days after my return from an overseas trip.

 Quilting, quilting, quilting.... I had to get the quilting done earlier in the process before leaving home for another trip  overseas.

Covering up the quilt label was required before I handed the quilt in,
a couple of weeks before the Show started.

.... I keep saying to myself that I would get organised early for the next year Sydney Quilt Show, and I'm trying to.... but.... !! So, I will see....

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