Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I'm always pleased to see quilts that I quilted hung at the Sydney Quilt Show. This year, in an hour that I was walking around and admiring all the quilts, I saw the quilt by Heather. A little while later, by chance, I bumped into Heather. It was the first time that I  have met her in person after our several correspondence, and a number of quilts that I have quilted for her, up to this point in time. This is because Heather lives in Brisbane and I'm in Sydney. We got along very well and had a fun time at the Show.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Recipient (of My Poncho)

At the time I was knitting the poncho, it was suggested to me that I should make it a little bigger, and I took up the advice by adding an extra row. With this, I ran out of the variegated wool and had to wait for 2 winters for the same coloured wool to reappear in the shop. I finally finished the poncho during last year summer (December 2015). The finished poncho, however, turns out to be too big and too long for my liking.... This weekend, the weather in Sydney is freezing cold and my neighbour, Haleh, kindly invited me over for a cup of tea. I had a quick think about it and decided to bring along the poncho with me to give to her as a gift. It fits her nicely and she was so delighted to receive my hand knitted poncho in her favourite colours. I enjoyed the process of making it, and am so happy to have found someone who appreciates and will be making use of the poncho.... I have started to knit another poncho again, in the size that I think would fit me. It will be a long while before I finish it, I think, considering all the projects that are currently 'in progress'. :-)

2016 Sydney Quilt Show

Last year, I missed the entire 2015 Sydney Quilt Show as I was in Paris at the time. So, I'm very happy to be around home this month. I went to see my 'House Quilt' hung at the 2016 Sydney Quilt Show last Thursday. It was a glorious day at Darling Harbour. Quilts on display were so marvelous. I also enjoyed catching up with many quilters that I'm fond of but rarely see them, including my quilting teacher, Meg Orr. It was definitely a wonderful day for me at the Show.

Travelling to the Show by ferry.

mE and my 'House Quilt'

 Photo of the quilt top when I entered it to the Show in March 2016 on the closing date,
2 days after my return from an overseas trip.

 Quilting, quilting, quilting.... I had to get the quilting done earlier in the process before leaving home for another trip  overseas.

Covering up the quilt label was required before I handed the quilt in,
a couple of weeks before the Show started.

.... I keep saying to myself that I would get organised early for the next year Sydney Quilt Show, and I'm trying to.... but.... !! So, I will see....