Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time flies

From the beginning of September to the first half of November, I went on four trips to different places, in different directions. A couple of extended trips were for work with a little bit of play thrown in, and the rest was short holiday break.... I never dreamt of buying a carpet in India or thought that I would make it back to San Francisco ever again, and I did (both!!). On one free morning, I even visited a fabric shop, Britex Fabrics, in San Francisco, and bought a few things, of course. :-) The experience was great, especially for the fact that I had little expectation (if any at all). Now that I have settled back into the routine at home, my wonderful Gammill Statler is having a good workout.... 


Surfer Paradise QLD

My Indian breakfast

My purchase from Britex Fabrics

 My American breakfast (but probably not again)