Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Few Train Trips with Grandma's Squares

I always like to make use of time while travelling on an extended journey by train. Crocheting Grandma's square is one of my favourite things  to do because there is sufficient lighting and I can still see what I'm doing without having to wear a pair of glasses (not yet, anyway!), and it's easily undone if I make a mistake.

Recently, I bought some colourful yarns in Fussen, Germany, and made a table runner while on the train, making my way back to Switzerland. I finished sewing in all those 'countless' tails at home. It took some amount of patience to work my way through them before it's done.

I bought some discounted yarns in Maastricht, The Netherlands while visiting my dear friend, Marijke, and made this scarf on the train, on my way back to France.... I could see from the corner of my eye that there was a pair of curious dark brown eyes observing me, and when I looked up, he asked 'why are you so furiously making a scarf when the weather is so hot?'.... I had a good laugh, and we chatted along about different things during our train journey. :-)

Back at home, I made this poncho on a few train trips to and from work. There are
eight Grandma's squares in total. Each square has 15 rows.

And, there are a few more projects on Grandma's squares for me to look forward to finishing them off. Fortunately, there are also many more train trips for me to look forward to travelling to and from places. :-)

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