Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Jelly Roll Quilt

Keeping up with the trend...., kind of.! And, here is my version of jelly roll quilt with extra bits thrown in. It was fun to make. The binding actually took a lot longer to finish than the piecing for this quilt. I chose the quilting pattern named 'meanderinghearts' by Willow Leaf Studio for the quilt. It stitched very well, and I think the quilted quilt looks lovely and delightful.


  1. Love your jelly roll quilt and how are you? I've been a bit lax on looking at some blogs lately as we've moved house, but am doing some catch up. Take care.

  2. Thanks very much, Susan, for your kind words. :-) I'm keeping very busy at work, and am doing well with my quilting service - enjoying it very much. Hope all is well at your end with moving house, etc.