Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby Cloth Book - Learn to Count .... Australia

It seems a long time ago since I last updated my blog, and yes, it has been quite some time.!! A beach holiday at the end of January was wonderful. Then, school started back, and the rest.... But this doesn't mean that my hands (and fingers) aren't keeping busy. They are, in fact, very busy, too busy, perhaps... My quilt top for this year Sydney Quilt Show is done and waiting to be quilted, in between other lovely quilt tops of my clients that I'm quilting for them. I have also finished a few unfinished projects that were left half-done since last year. They are, again, waiting to be photographed before they can be uploaded on the blog. I, however, manged to find some time to make this baby cloth book last night, just in time to be packed, as a gift, in a suitcase bound for LA, USA. No, I'm not going to America, just the book.!! The panel was from Craft Depot. It was fun to make and I got it done in about 2 hours.