Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue and White Square in Square Quilt

Like many others, I'm a time-poor kind of person, but.... I received a request to make a cot size quilt for a baby boy at the end of November 2013. It has to be a blue and white modern kind of quilt. The request was a special one as the quilt will be a gift for the first grandchild of one of my previous (and wonderful) bosses. So, I made myself available to make the quilt. I like the simple and effective look of square in square quilt, so decided on the pattern. It wasn't hard to put together the fabrics as there are so many lovely matching designs available on the market. I quilted the quilt using the pattern named 'zoobrdr' by TJ Speiser. The quilt will be on its way to the US in the very near future.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Something delicious!

Happy New Year 2014

My 'Sunshine' made this cute Christmas tree as part of the craft class at the end of his last term before the year finished. It's a lovely decoration for our house during the festive season.

.... I love to cook (as much as to sew and quilt), so I thought I would share a couple of photos of something delicious that I made for our lunch on Christmas day last month. One was the fruit salad that we often have for breakfast in summer time. Marijke, my dear friend, introduced me to this creation and idea (of having mixed fruit for breakfast). The other was Toblerone cheesecake that I got the recipe from one of those supermarket brochures (junk mail!) we received weekly in our letterbox. It's my first attempt to make a cheesecake, and it's was a hit. :-)