Friday, December 20, 2013

'Tis the Season

Last year, I made up these blocks from the left over fabric that I used to make the Christmas oven mitts. I ran out of time to put them together then. Luckily, they don't go off.!! I had a chance to make this table runner to give a fresh Christmas decoration to the living room, just in time before the busy cooking schedule starts. I probably should have custom quilted the table runner, but I thought that I would try out the allover pattern named 'snowy night' by Laurie Thomas.It stitched very well. The table runner is now on the coffee table, adding the festive season atmosphere to our cosy home while we are getting ready for the celebrations.


It's time to make (Christmas) presents

Lately, I have been busy making bags as Christmas presents. There are lot of free bag patterns on the internet. I have downloaded this particular pattern from the wonderful website that I visit regularly. The clear instructions made the bag easy to 'execute'.! I also modified the pattern slightly and added a few extra stitching lines. I enjoyed the process, the bags were well-received, and I, of course, was very pleased as the effort was all worth it.

My Fairy Quilt

Those cute faces on the fabric panel have somehow captured the imagination from my childhood. So, it was hard (for me) to resist not to own one.! It's also a good chance for me to try out the minky fabric as the backing once again. It's pink this time. I chose 'butterfilesloops e2e' pattern by Vickie Malaski for the quilting. The finished quilt turned out very nicely. I have decided to keep it for myself as it's a good lap size quilt and kind of soft and cuddly. :-)