Thursday, July 4, 2013

A few finished projects between trips

In between trips overseas, while packing, unpacking, washing and re-packing AND resting, of course!, I had little pockets of time here and there that I spent on finishing up a few small projects....

I moved my sewing room into my quilting room before I started travelling for this year - it's the goal and timeline I set to do something for myself. Now, I don't have to run up and down the stairs every so often between the two rooms.... I bought the fabric panel at Craft Depot sale in May because I like this particular block on the panel. :-) I used my wonderful Gammill Statler to quilt the block and make it into a wall hanging, just to make a little statement for the room.! By chance, I found the black sewing machine broach at this year Sydney Quilt Show. It's a perfect addition to the wall hanging.

I have made these colourful 'flowers' to brighten up my quilting room.
They were fun to make. :-)

I'm one of Amanda Jean's many followers. She recently published about making pin cushion on her blog. I needed a couple more for my quilting room, and so, made them. I have got the idea for the pin cushions from the pictures on Amanda Jean's blog for the one with nine-patch, and the other one with hexagons was from the pin cushion I saw on display at The Quilting Loft in Ballard, Seattle, WA while I was there, about a week ago. I also bought the fabrics (for the pin cushions and other projects!) from the shop.