Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Colour Play' Quilt by mE

I'm probably going through a phase of being curious.... It took 2 evenings and one afternoon to make this 'Colour Play' quilt. The quilt block was easy to calculate. I did it on the train to work one morning, last week. I used 2 sets of solids 1930s 10" Layer Cake for the 12 colours.  While my DH and my 'Sunshine' were out and about, I took the chance and just dived in (head first, of course!), and didn't give myself much time to think and plan as I usually do (far too long!!). Because of all the squares in the quilt top, to balance that, I chose the backing fabric with circles pattern. Also, circles were chosen (by mE) for the quilting pattern. It's called 'double circles e2e', and designed by Karen Farnsworth. I'm one of her many club members. I quilted the quilt on my wonderful Gammill Statler, as I normally do these days. Funnily, it took longer to choose the colour of fabric for the binding. Eventually, I have decided to go with yellow-ish fabric for the binding, which I hope to get it done in this coming week. Hmmmm.... I kind of like the quilt, and a few of my friends do too. :-)


  1. That's lovely Emma, and I do still look in on your blog, but you've been quiet lately.

  2. Thanks very much, Susan....You are too (to me). :-)
    I have been keeping very busy with different things, and haven't had enough time to do everything I wanted to. Updating my blog is one of those that gets done less often.!