Friday, December 20, 2013

'Tis the Season

Last year, I made up these blocks from the left over fabric that I used to make the Christmas oven mitts. I ran out of time to put them together then. Luckily, they don't go off.!! I had a chance to make this table runner to give a fresh Christmas decoration to the living room, just in time before the busy cooking schedule starts. I probably should have custom quilted the table runner, but I thought that I would try out the allover pattern named 'snowy night' by Laurie Thomas.It stitched very well. The table runner is now on the coffee table, adding the festive season atmosphere to our cosy home while we are getting ready for the celebrations.


It's time to make (Christmas) presents

Lately, I have been busy making bags as Christmas presents. There are lot of free bag patterns on the internet. I have downloaded this particular pattern from the wonderful website that I visit regularly. The clear instructions made the bag easy to 'execute'.! I also modified the pattern slightly and added a few extra stitching lines. I enjoyed the process, the bags were well-received, and I, of course, was very pleased as the effort was all worth it.

My Fairy Quilt

Those cute faces on the fabric panel have somehow captured the imagination from my childhood. So, it was hard (for me) to resist not to own one.! It's also a good chance for me to try out the minky fabric as the backing once again. It's pink this time. I chose 'butterfilesloops e2e' pattern by Vickie Malaski for the quilting. The finished quilt turned out very nicely. I have decided to keep it for myself as it's a good lap size quilt and kind of soft and cuddly. :-)

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Quilting 'Challenge'

I didn't think I would, but why wouldn't I? ....Shane (Leonie) made this quilt top over 10 years ago. It's her first and only one quilt top she has ever made. So,I felt honoured to do the quilting for her. I was tempted to do allover (E2E) quilting for the quilt top because I know that I can do it well, but.... I found myself spending a lot of time thinking and planning for the quilting although the stitching part wasn't hard and didn't take long once I got going. I did a few practice runs before I actually custom quilted this quilt as I would like a well-finished job. Shane was very pleased with the quilting, to say the least. :-) But this is a one-off, and no, I'm not tempted, and won't be 'branching' out my quilting service (to also offer custom quilting) as yet.

Friday, October 18, 2013

'Simply Classical' - Mill House Collections

Last month, in the midst of putting together a research report,.... with the growing world's aged population and reduced child mortality rate,.... yes, I could probably make that quilt.!! Before I knew it, I have committed myself to make a quilt for Mill House Collections by Riley Blake Designs. The quilt pattern, 'Simply Classical', is designed by Carina Gardner. Three days later, the kit arrived but I was going on holiday.! So, I needed a plan to ensure that I would finish the quilt by the set deadline (19/10/2013). Project management isn't unfamiliar, and so, the planning wasn't a difficult task. It did take me a little while to find a quilting pattern that I think would complement the quilt, and at the same time, show off fabric designs. I chose the quilting pattern named 'Candy Land' by Anne Bright and quilted the quilt on my wonderful Gammill Statler. The quilt was completed last Sunday (13/10/2013). I enjoyed the process and was pleased with the finished quilt. It has already been sent to the company and will be used to promote the fabrics in Mill House Collections. I will eventually have it back, some time in the future.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dinosaur Quilt (Blanket)

A few months ago, Marita and I went on a bus trip to visit (and shop, of course!) the patchwork shops in the Central Coast NSW area. We both bought some fabrics with dinosaur prints. But, as usual, I didn't buy quite long enough fabrics. So, it took a little while (for me) to work out how I was going to go about making a quilt. Last week, the local patchwork shop had 25% off minky fabrics. I was curious and bought some of the fabrics as the backing for the 'still to be made'  dinosaur quilt for my Sunshine.! It did help to speed things up and the quilt was made, in quick time. I called it blanket because I decided not to put the batting in between the quilt top and the backing as I wanted the blanket to be soft and nice to cuddle up in. My Sunshine insisted that it's his 'Dinosaur Quilt', and so it is now. :-)

I chose the pattern called 'tangles e2e' by Karen Farnsworth for the machine quilting. Having minky fabric as the backing was fine during the quilting. There wasn't any issue with thread tension, etc. However, it did stretch a little along one side and looked 'unattractive' after I finished the binding. Luckily, the fabric recoiled after a wash, the blanket is now looking just fine, even after being dragged around the house several times over.!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

'Clam Shell' Purse

I have seen a few clam shell purses while on the trip to China, a few years ago. They looked lovely and interesting. Seeing that now I could buy a kit to make one, I thought I would try. Here is my version of the clam shell purse. I use it to keep my favourite thimble and a few other small tools for when I'm sewing the binding to the back of the quilt. It's light weight and I really like it.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

'Square in Square' Quilt for Kim

I have always wanted to make a quilt with 'Square in Square' pattern and a couple of basic colours. It's also a good chance to make something nice for Kim. I have got the fabrics for the quilt top from different patchwork shops, but they were from the same designer for Moda French General. It didn't take long, in term of sewing time, to finish the quilt top. The intervals between each sitting that I could actually do some sewing were a lot longer.! I quilted the quilt with the pattern named 'Popcorn' by Willow Leaf Studio. I took the finished quilt to Sydney SQQuilters 'Show and Tell' last Saturday before giving it away. It was well-received, the effort was all worth it, and I was pleased. :-)


Thursday, July 4, 2013

A few finished projects between trips

In between trips overseas, while packing, unpacking, washing and re-packing AND resting, of course!, I had little pockets of time here and there that I spent on finishing up a few small projects....

I moved my sewing room into my quilting room before I started travelling for this year - it's the goal and timeline I set to do something for myself. Now, I don't have to run up and down the stairs every so often between the two rooms.... I bought the fabric panel at Craft Depot sale in May because I like this particular block on the panel. :-) I used my wonderful Gammill Statler to quilt the block and make it into a wall hanging, just to make a little statement for the room.! By chance, I found the black sewing machine broach at this year Sydney Quilt Show. It's a perfect addition to the wall hanging.

I have made these colourful 'flowers' to brighten up my quilting room.
They were fun to make. :-)

I'm one of Amanda Jean's many followers. She recently published about making pin cushion on her blog. I needed a couple more for my quilting room, and so, made them. I have got the idea for the pin cushions from the pictures on Amanda Jean's blog for the one with nine-patch, and the other one with hexagons was from the pin cushion I saw on display at The Quilting Loft in Ballard, Seattle, WA while I was there, about a week ago. I also bought the fabrics (for the pin cushions and other projects!) from the shop.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Sydney Quilt Show

I was a volunteer 'white glove lady' during the first morning of the Sydney Quilt Show, this morning. It was also a good chance for me to see my Show quilt hung there. I'm just happy to see my quilt at the Show, among other wonderful quilts. I have also seen my signature half-square triangle block (sunflower), in the Guild's coverlet. I made the block to join the Guild's 30 years celebration.... I didn't know that today was a very wet day until I was coming home in the afternoon. I guess the weather was preparing me for Seattle, WA. I'm going to be there for work on Friday, so am off packing my bag now.!!