Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The festive season has started!!

It's December and the festive season has started in our household....I thought making Christmas cards for homework was all I had to help my Sunshine this week. We gave the paper cutters a good workout last night, and it was a fun family activity with DH helping with the glue. :-)

This afternoon, my Sunshine had his first Christmas concert at school, and everything was fine with practicing an Australian Christmas song called 'Six White Boomers' at home. BUT, it would have helped if I had read the note, sent home from school last week, properly.!! Only this morning after a quick chat to one of the mums, I realised that he needed a Christmas outfit for the concert. I made quick trip to the shop, and an hour after I got back, I have got these two cute Gingerbread men stitched on the singlet for my Sunshine. And, this time, I gave my beloved Bernina Aurora 440QE a good workout.!!.... The concert was fantastic and very much enjoyable. All the children were wonderful with their singing, and we had a lovely time.

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