Saturday, December 29, 2012

'Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure', WHAT?

We are a household fan of Wallace and Gromit. Yesterday, we made a trip the city to see the exhibition on Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention, at the Power House Museum. We all enjoyed the exhibition very much. Lunch out at the favourite 'Sushi train' restaurant was a bonus. :-)

At the exhibition, I have come across a couple of sewing related stories. One was about a zipper or a zip fastener. It was originally called the 'Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure', invented by Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine. I'm definitely grateful for the more simple term; zipper, as I would have had some difficulties with referring to it, otherwise. !

Another was a display on the invented quilting ruler by Leonie West. I'm one of her admirers and have got a few of the rulers. They have been very good to me with accurate cutting of the fabrics for my patchwork quilt tops.

Making oven mitts

A little while ago, I read about Insul-bright by the Warm Company in a quilting magazine. I needed to make a few Christmas presents and thought that making oven mitt would be a good chance to try it out. I ended up making 4 oven mitts (1 metre of Insul-bright would make 5 of 6 1/2 x 32 inches oven mitts). On the non-insulated side, I actually added a layer of cotton batting to give the mitts a little more loft. The batting also added extra insulation to the mitts. I have kept 'The Cat' for my kitten [kitchen!], and to feel what it's like with handling hot dishes from the microwave oven.It works really well and I'm very happy with it.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby bliss

In a span of two months, I have made 3 cot size quilts. One for my piano teacher's baby girl, one for my neighbour's grandson, and one for my DH's granddaughter from his first family. I enjoyed the process of making each of the blankets, and was certainly keeping very busy. 

 Blanket for baby Hollie Belle
I made this quilt top out of curiosity when I saw the free pattern published by AmandaJean. I'm one of the very many followers of her blog. I just happened to have the two slightly different patterns and colours of fabrics for the quilt top. I used some left over fabrics for the sashing, border and binding. I quilted the quilt with the 'DragonFlyFlowers' quilting pattern shared in 2006 by the Statler Sisters Yahoo Group. It turned out quite nicely, I thought. My piano teacher loves dragonfly, so it was very well received.

 Blanket for baby Wil
Before the arrival of baby Wil, I had this unfinished quilt top waiting around for some time as there wasn't enough motivation to finish it off. As soon as I have heard the happy news, it didn't take very long to complete the quilt. Again, I used some left over fabrics for the binding. The 'baby bear' quilting pattern was by Kim Diamond, it came with my Gammill Statler. My wonderful neighbour couldn't thank me enough for the quilt. It was a very good indication, and I, of course, was very pleased.

Blanket for baby Charlotte
I started working on this quilt top when baby Charlotte was progressing well, after being born 7 week prematurely. There was a little bit of my DH's old shirt in the quilt top (squares near the corners). I found trying to match the points between blocks quite a challenge, but I was manging OK. I have got the backing fabric with heart pattern to match the quilt top. But seeing that the family lives next to the sea (Bondi Beach, Sydney), I have decided on the backing fabric with cute little mermaids, instead. I chose the 'blowin in the wind e2e' quilting pattern by Tammy Finkler for the quilt. It looks like swirly ocean waves (to me, at least!). The quilt is now on its way to Bondi Beach.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The festive season has started!!

It's December and the festive season has started in our household....I thought making Christmas cards for homework was all I had to help my Sunshine this week. We gave the paper cutters a good workout last night, and it was a fun family activity with DH helping with the glue. :-)

This afternoon, my Sunshine had his first Christmas concert at school, and everything was fine with practicing an Australian Christmas song called 'Six White Boomers' at home. BUT, it would have helped if I had read the note, sent home from school last week, properly.!! Only this morning after a quick chat to one of the mums, I realised that he needed a Christmas outfit for the concert. I made quick trip to the shop, and an hour after I got back, I have got these two cute Gingerbread men stitched on the singlet for my Sunshine. And, this time, I gave my beloved Bernina Aurora 440QE a good workout.!!.... The concert was fantastic and very much enjoyable. All the children were wonderful with their singing, and we had a lovely time.