Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sewing BY machine

When Marijke, her friend, Renee, and I went to a patchwork shop in Germany, The log Cabin, I saw cute little rolls of pre-cut fabrics and thought that it would probably be a good idea to introduce this hand quilter, i.e., Marijke, to doing some foundation paper piecing by (sewing) machine. The owner of the shop, Jacqueline, was very helpful and accommodating. We came away with a lovely bright colour roll to try out the technique, and a few extra things, as usual.! I showed Marijke how it's done and made the first block of the log cabin. Marijke, who didn't like to sew by machine, made the other 3 blocks and seemed to enjoy working with her (old) sewing machine very much even though, every time, it started like a plane taking off the runway.!! I put together the 4 blocks and left the panel for Marijke to finish it off as a cushion cover for her house....

While at the Log Cabin shop, Jacqueline mentioned to us about the jelly roll race gathering at her shop. Marijke and I watched the jelly roll race video by Missouri Star Quilt Co. that night, and we decided to try it out with the left over fabrics. We ended up with another panel, which we weren't sure whether to put it on the back of the log cabin cushion front or use it to make the second cushion. I also had a bit of fun making a little pin cushion for Marijke before making my way back home. Since I left Maastricht, Marijke has made more patchwork blocks using the (foundation paper piecing by sewing machine) technique. I'm very pleased to hear about (and see) her progress, and not to mention how much I'm proud of my dearest friend.

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