Friday, August 31, 2012

My lovely Round Table Runner, by chance

Earlier this year, I visited a local patchwork shop, just to buy some cottons. At a glance, the decision was made, and before I realised, I was, sort of, a proud owner of this bright and colourful fabric panel with six different fun designs of flowers and a few leaves printed on it. But, I didn't actually know what I wanted to do with the fabric panel.!! After I got home, I put it on the floor. I looked at it, walked around it, and was wondering how I was going to be able to sew all the perfect 6 circles. One morning, I got out the biggest ceramic bowl we have got in the kitchen. At a moment's thought, I used it to draw a hexagon shape template for cutting out the six flowers. Then, it took quite a while to work out how I would go about sewing these big hexagons and finishing them off. I ended up using my wonderful Gammill Statler Stitcher to quilt the hexagons and did the rest of the sewing by hand. By adding one more hexagon in the middle, I was able to sew all the seven hexagons together to form a round table runner. It looks lovely on the round table and has brightened up our guest room at home.

When I met the Queen of the Tea Cosies

Loani Prior is such a lovely down-to-earth kind of person, considering her profile, in today's knitting world, particularly. I'm, no doubt, one of the many many fans and admirers of her tea cosies books. I feel fortunate and privilege to have met and had a good little chat to her for ideas and advice.... I'm not, by all definitions, a proficient knitter as I haven't progressed from the beginner level of knitting scarfs and squares since I started taking up the craft when I was SIX years old (and that was a few decades ago).!!! After meeting Loani, I have got a little inspired to become a bit more adventurous and spent a good chuck of my time 'in transit' (yes, I have been travelling) on knitting. See some of the finished pieces below. The patterns are from Loani's tea cosies books, of course.

And, as of today, I'm on to the last block of Domino Knitting for the back panel of a poncho I intended to make for myself that I started 3 years ago. Here, I'm hoping that I will have it ready to keep me warm by next winter. I shall see.!