Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well, I was curious....

During my recent work trip, there was a chance to have a little break one afternoon. And, visiting a local craft shop seemed a natural thing to do. :-) There, I discovered the balls of what I call 'ribbon' in various variegated colours for making a 'fluffy' scarf. But how? I was curious....So, I bought a couple of them to try out. They were quick and easy to make and were definitely very 'effective' accessories for winter wears, judging by the many occasions that I was stopped and asked to explain how it's done (7 stitches of garter stitch and used up all ribbon of the ball). The range of colours available for the ribbons was so attractive, and I couldn't get passed those shades of blue/green colours. :-)

....Then, one thing led to another....I was inspired to make a few more scarfs (for children, this time) after seeing (and feeling) those beautiful wools that were hard to resist at this year Sydney Quilt Show.! Thanks to Katrina, my sewing friend and monthly school canteen buddy. She got me going with my knitting and crocheting, in between the English Paper Piecing and some hand quilting I'm working on at the moment. So, tatting is taking a back seat for now (but not for long, I don't think - I would like to finish the edging for my piano runner soon).