Wednesday, June 13, 2012

mE and my Show quilt

I was a volunteer, white glove lady, on the first day of the 2012 Sydney Quilt Show at Darling Harbour, Sydney, today. It was good experience and fun. I have learnt quite a few things about quilts and quilting, both by hand and machine, while on duty. After looking at and admiring all the exceptional and exquisite quilts on display, I have come to realise that, being a practical kind of person who I am, I probably wouldn't make a quilt that would be a prize-winning quilt. I very much prefer to make a quilt that is 'effective' and can be re-made by others without too much difficulties. And just as well, unlike tatting, I haven't had a desire to make a prize-winning kind of quilt, either.... I had a chance to take a few photos of my own Show quilt after I finished my white glove duty. Meg Orr, my quilting teacher, whom I respect and am very fond of, was very kind and insisted that she must take a photo of me in front of the quilt. Here they are....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time does fly, but here is my Show quilt for this year

Since my last post in March, I have been keeping very busy with organising my overseas trips, on top of everything else that I manage to fit into my day. I'm off to Europe again, for a couple times this year. The tricky part was for me to be back from the second trip in time for my trip to AMQF in Adelaide at the end of September. And, yes, I will be back from Sweden one day before flying to Adelaide. So, never mind the jet lag, I will be sure to cope, and keep awake and entertained by Ricky Tims's seminar/workshop.! ....After this year travelling, I hope to be staying home and having more time to spend on my sewing and tatting. My Gammill Statler Stitcher has been wonderful, so far. Apart from my own quilts, I have quilted a few quilts for friends (and for a fee). My latest quilting project has been completed last night (5/06/2012). It's my Show quilt for this year. It will be on display at the Sydney Quilt Show next week. I have got an idea for the quilt pattern from a picture of the quilt called 'Fresh Traditions' by Darlene Zimmerman, published in the American Patchwork & Quilting, February 2007 issue, while reading about the border basics. All fabrics were from Craft Depot's last year sale. The 'journey' wasn't all according to plan. Nonetheless, I'm very pleased with the quilted quilt, including the variegated 'Poppy Blaze' Signature thread and the 'Daisy Doodles' E2E pattern by Apricot Moon Designs that I have chosen for the quilt. I have named my quilt 'Blooming at Night'. Here are some of the pictures.