Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dora and Diego

Somehow, I have been invited to a 2nd birthday party on the same day as a 40th birthday party next Saturday 6th November. I have no problem with finding a present for the 40th birthday party. But coming up with a present for the 2nd birthday party, I need to be a little creative. ‘Dora and Diego’ is the theme. First of all, I needed to educate myself who Dora and Diego were. I’m not a girlie kind, so I resorted to EBay to find something suitable as a present. Making a rug from Dora and Diego pillow cases came to mind, and so the project got started. As I'm a bit more experienced, getting a project started and finished has become easier for me, with less time spending on thinking things through over and over again. With some colourful scraps, I have made this rug for the birthday girl, Isla, my friend’s daughter. Being a practical kind of person, I have made the rug to be used and dragged around the house, and not to be kept. I hope Isla will enjoy using her rug, made with my loving hands. :-)

Through 'Cathedral Window'

I took a quilting class with Meg Orr at Craft Depot last Saturday 30th October to learn how to make ‘Cathedral window’. I’m very pleased that I went after the complication of double-booking my day with something else. Meg is specialised in ‘Cathedral window’ and has been accredited by the Quilters’ Guild of NSW. While driving home at the end of the day, my creative brain was very busy thinking about all kinds of windows and colours that I could create using this particular technique. After ‘playing’ with corners of a few sheets of A4 recycled paper for a while, I have decided to incorporate the technique into making a Japanese wall hanging as a present for Lidia, my Spanish colleague, who is leaving to go back to Spain next month. Lidia loves all things about Japan. I picked and chose the fabrics for the piece from the scraps that I bought when the sale was on at Aussie Patches. I found the process (of making it) was relaxing with some hand sewing – Naturally, as a physiotherapist, I always enjoy fine hand movements and motor control. I’m quite happy with the result and I hope Lidia would like her present too. I’m giving it to her at our farewell lunch at work tomorrow, 3rd November, when I will also farewell my creative craft work. [ PS. Lidia was so delighted to receive the present, and I was very pleased to see her delightful face and smile at the lunch. :-) ]